Dublin boy Chris Tauro has moves like Jagger
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The Integration Question with Princess Pamela Toyin


Ireland has witnessed some incredible talent shown by young people over the years, but the arrival of super-energetic and talented seven-year-old Chris Donal Tauro at Blanchardstown’s Got Talent in 2015 was something else. 


Born in December 2007 in Ireland to Indian parents, Chris has danced his way to victory at several competitions in Ireland.


“When a lot of people cheer and shout when I am performing, I get enormous energy to do extraordinary dance. I feel so happy to have made my family and country proud,” says Chris, a fourth-class pupil at St Brigid’s Boys School in Blanchardstown. 


Chris’s display of talent is a thing of pride for his parents. His father Santhosh Tauro, who arrived Ireland with his wife in 2005, says: “Chris was very excited, speechless and over the moon when he got first place in Blanchardstown Got Talent.”


Chris’s performance is electric and captures the entire hall wherever he performs, Indeed, his love of dancing has turned him into a mini-star in Ireland.


Even from a tender age, Chris exhibited his passion for the dance floor. “We noticed him moving his body to the music when he was one-and-a-half years,” says Santhosh. “He could barely walk at that time, but he couldn’t resist music.”


Ever since, Chris’ parents would play music at home and encourage him to dance. As he grew older, he started getting serious about his hobby, participating in various dance events - sometimes to English songs, but usually to Bollywood music in the Hindu language.


At just six years of age, Chris won third place in Unitas Ireland’s talent contest in 2014. The judges were so impressed, they invited his parents to the stage to be given a special round of applause.


Even Chris’ teachers appreciate his talents. “His karate teacher knows his dances, so every now and then he asks him to show few dance moves after karate lessons,” says Santhosh.


Among his list of performances, which includes several fundraisers and community events, winning Blanchardstown’s Got Talent is the most memorable for his parents by far. It was an opportunity to showcase his talent to a much wider audience, and has raised his profile not only within the local community, but nationwide also.


Luckily Chris’ parents are in full support of his ambitions to become a ‘star dancer’. “He is working hard at it and he has confidence in himself. At the same time his ambition is to get the best education,” says Santhosh.


Speaking of education — when it comes to his dancing, Santhosh says Chris is his own coach.


“In his free time, he plays music and learns the dance by himself,” says Chris’ proud father. And it’s clear that discipline is already paying off.

Princess Pamela Toyin has gained experience since the mid 1980s working in various fields and interacting with people of different tribes and ethnicity. With her passion for diversity, she is propelled to report a diverse range of issues that facilitate intercultural dialogue and integration, which can change social, economic, and cultural stereotypes, and believes there are lessons to be learned from everyone. Talk to her on +353 (0) 87 417 9640 or email echoesmediainternational@gmail.com

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