Nepalese soccer reaches greater heights thanks to new Irish sport initiative
2017-09-01 01:41:07 -

By Ken McCue

If you thought that Nepalese sport was all about cricket for men and archery for women, you have another think coming.


The annual Nepalese diaspora community festival that took place on Sunday 20 August was above all a showcase of quality soccer.


The event, sponsored by Nepal business enterprises in Ireland and with technical support from Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI), was held at the grounds of the Law Society of Ireland on Dublin’s Blackhall Place.


Teams from Dublin, Limerick and eventual winners Cork played through torrential rain in friendly competition, with delicious dumplings to keep the players and supporters nourished throughout the day. 


Many of the players present in the north inner city venue were graduates of the Nepal FA youth development programme, which was designed to raise the standard of the game in a country which currently sits at 169th in the world.


Organising committee 977 Crew – named after Nepal’s telephone code – have some ambitious plans to develop the cultural and sporting programmes of the Nepalese community in the Republic and Northern Ireland alike. 


They also plan to consolidate their partnership with SARI, with whom they came into contact through programmes that raised funds for the Katmandu earthquake and via the Eid World Cup, which was also held at the Law Society venue. 


Also under consideration are programmes in archery, table tennis, snooker and cricket for Nepalese men and women throughout the island.


The 977 Crew say they are fully committed to cultural integration, too, by inviting other migrant and indigenous communities to participate in their projects, which include dance and music fusion.


Next up for the organisers is a combined Nepal team drawn from around Ireland that will compete in the forthcoming Sari Soccerfest in Dublin’s Phoenix Park on 23 September.

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