Time to talk improving lives on Irish Aids Day
2017-06-29 10:54:10 -
By Natalie Kayton

Irish Aids Day on 15 June is a chance to highlight work to improve the lives of those living with and affected by HIV and Aids in Ireland.

That’s the mission of Aids Care Education and Training (Acet), a programme that aims to break down “barriers of fear” around the condition while promoting steps to end the pandemic.

Richard Carson, chief executive of Acet Ireland, says that while treatment for HIV “has made tremendous advances and the years of the determined death sentence are long gone, we still have more new diagnoses than ever, with almost 10 new positive tests in this country per week.” 

Carson notes that “up to one in four people living with HIV in Ireland do not know their status” – which means getting tested for HIV remains as important as ever, particularly among the most at-risk groups.

Acet calls on Ireland to take the opportunity of Irish Aids Day to listen to such groups or individuals within their communities and allow “hope and love flourish where fear has previously reigned”.

For more information on Acet’s work visit acet.ie

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