New funds for integration
2017-03-01 12:51:29 -

By Staff Reporter


The Minister of State for Integration has announced a second funding scheme for the integration of migrants with Irish communities.

Minister David Stanton said the National Funding to Promote the Integration of Immigrants, which is currently receiving applications, is different from but complementary to the Communities Integration Fund launched with the new Migrant Integration Strategy on 7 February.

The national funding is aimed at Irish nationals including persons of migrant origin, as well as EEA and non-EEA nationals with permission to remain in the State.

“Subject to the availability of funds … it is expected that approximately €600,000 will be committed per year in this call over a maximum of three years,” said Minister Stanton.

The new fund is open to applicants operating at regional and national level, whereas the Communities Integration Fund is aimed at activities by local community-based groups.

The minimum annual grant amount is €5,000 per year, though some grants may top €100,000.

Some of the projects covered under the new fund include “increasing mutual understanding between the host community and immigrants, combating racism and xenophobia, undertaking research on interculturalism and/or integration, and facilitating language acquisition.”

Applications must be made to the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration (OPMI), which says it welcomes submissions from organisations involved in “promoting the integration into Irish society of vulnerable or socially excluded immigrants, introducing immigrants to the political system and encouraging them to vote, and providing training to public and private sector organisations on equality and integration.”

Application forms and criteria for funding can be found at The closing date for electronic applications is noon on Wednesday 22 March.



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