North Korean despot’s days are numbered
2017-02-01 16:07:31 -
The majority of North Koreans would no doubt prefer to live a normal life with all the rights their neighbours to the south take for granted. Right now, such ideas are only that: ideas. But going by the predictions of some of the country’s defectors, there is hope that this will one day be a reality.

The latest comes from North Korea’s former deputy ambassador to the UK, Thae Yong-ho, who says that dissent is much more widespread than anyone outside the isolationist country previously believed, and that the end is nigh for the regime of dictator Kim Jong-un.

Even so, North Korea remains a dangerous place for those who do not toe the line. Gross human rights abuses carried out by the brutal regime have been regularly documented by the UN and independent organisations.  The family members and relations of defectors have been targeted for such abuse in a bid to scare others from speaking or acting out.

Thae, one of the highest ranking officials to defect to the west, fears for his relations back home. “I’m sure that my relatives and my brothers and sisters are either sent to remote, closed areas or to prison camps, and that really breaks my heart,” he told the BBC.
Yet the regime continues to craft an image of itself as a normal and united country with a beloved leader. In truth, by all accounts, Kim is a callous despot wielding an iron fist at any challenge to his authority.

Metro Éireann sees Thae’s comment that he is “very determined to do everything possible to pull down the regime” as a serious cry for help. The international community must now answer this call to help liberate the North Korean people from their decades of oppression.
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