Roddy comes back with Brexit story
2017-02-01 11:08:21 -
Roddy Doyle is to write a new and exclusive short story for Metro Éireann.

‘Coyote’ will reflect on Brexit and its repercussions, and will be published monthly beginning 1 March.

Set in the “not too distant future”, this new tale “will be about a man who leads people and smuggles goods across the new ‘hard’ border,” according to the Booker Prize winner.

Readers should expect Doyle’s typical wit as he describes a situation with masses of people desperate to cross from both sides of a new border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

It will also be full of the humour, suspense and surprise that characterises previous stories written by Doyle for Metro Éireann over the years. 

The last series, ‘2016’, concerned “a like-minded small group of people” who plan a rebellion to coincide with the anniversary of the 1916 Rising. 

Some of Doyle’s early stories for Metro Éireann were published as the collection The Deportees.

“We are very much indebted to Roddy Doyle for the opportunity to continue publishing his stories which mirror everyday life in a multicultural society,” said Metro Éireann editor Chinedu Onyejelem.

“His magnanimity has helped us in no small way to emerge as a multicultural newspaper and to continue to help us in our quest to be a channel through which the diverse peoples of Ireland will inform, challenge, understand and learn to respect each other.”

Doyle, whose translation of Mozart’s Don Giovanni was well received last year, is also co-founder of Fighting Words, a free creative writing tutoring centre for children and young people set up with Seán Love in 2009.

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