Land belongs to all of us
2017-01-15 10:53:33 -
Amaechi Obi: Drastic Measures to Save Nations

Land belongs to no one. It is among the free gifts of nature, like the air around us, the seas, the plants and vegetation that grow in the earth that feed us and keep us living. 

Land is part of everyone’s inheritance. And it is a crime against nature to buy or sell land as property. Every adult naturally should and must have a piece of land to cultivate for themselves or their family. That is my philosophy.

Why is anxiety over money and material possession taking hold of the entire global community? Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be a human being, the way some of us think and behave. What we need is a new order, a set of guidelines for the uniform dispensation of land for the sake of global unity.

I propose that every family should have its own appropriate piece of land in any chosen community so that they may prosper, with food, water and shelter. They must also be trained in how to best use this resource both to better themselves and to contribute to their community. That might involve rearing animals, growing fruit or vegetables, anything that might be of both personal and collective benefit.

It beats my imagination why humans are not able to freely utilise the incredible resources available to us, just like every other creature in this world. Does that make any sense to you? Think about it.

Something is obviously wrong with humans, for accepting the chaos of scrambling for property, for land none of us did create nor labor to design.

Our current lack of real productivity in life is inimical to the progress and prosperity of our nations and world at large. It makes us the same a parasite, or an unwanted weed in someone’s vegetable patch.

Having all the money and property in this world without producing any of the food you eat daily means you are not setting a good example to youth. Can you directly eat your money or property? Of course not. You need food to live in your houses. Therefore, you should know how to produce some of the food you and your family will be eating every day.

I very well understand the past and present global economic trends, the concept of division of labour and so on. However, the big question remains: is the current way we run our societies the best approach for how to live with and for progress and prosperity? To this fundamental issue, we need to find a better way to harmonise the way we think about land. We must reappraise land as a fundamental right for all, so that there will be no excuse for any human not to have a place to live and prosper.

If we really want this, we can achieve it. I know we can do much more than all we have ever done, if we all agree to agree. I only want love, peace, unity and harmony within the global community as one.

I also expect your reactions, opinions and suggestions to this seeming impossible vision. However, if we truly desire unity, peace and harmony in this world, what other choice or approach can anyone offer that would produce a better result?

Amaechi Obi is a writer and peace advocate based in Spain’s Canary Islands.
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