NCP photo exhibit hails ’New Shades of Green’
2016-12-01 15:40:34 -
By Chinedu Onyejelem

Celebrating the contribution of migrant communities in Ireland is the theme of a special photo exhibition at Dublin’s Civic Offices by the New Communities Partnership (NCP) to mark its 13th anniversary.
Monica Hadarean’s photographs in New Shades of Green depict more than 30 people from over 20 different nationalities who have helped in the development of the NCP since its inception.
Addressing guests at the launch event, NCP chief executive Anca Lupu said that despite many challenges, the network has had success with various Government and special interest groups “to aid and influence” responses to the needs of ethnic minority communities from local to national level.
“We called [the exhibition] New Shades of Green first of all because we are the new communities living in Ireland, secondly because green represents Ireland, and thirdly because Irish green has many shades,” said Lupu.
“The same as the Irish green, Ireland has many nationalities who are now part of the society and who bring their contribution in making Ireland a more inclusive and positive place to live with their families.”
Also speaking at the launch was David Stanton, Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, who said the NCP plays a vital role in helping immigrants in Ireland to enjoy Irish life to the full. 
“I believe this exhibition will help to foster positive dialogue between people from both Irish and international backgrounds and as the exhibition moves on from here to other venues,” he added. “It will allow an even wider audience to share the experience and to allow people hear the stories behind the photographs.”
Other guests at the launch included Romanian Ambassador to Ireland Manuela Breazu and Cllr Mary Freehill, representing Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr.
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