Mugabe hides behind tyranny
2016-03-14 15:33:18 -
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Mugabe hides behind tyranny


The ongoing trial of a 44-year-old Zimbabwean police officer accused of insulting President Robert Mugabe is a reminder of how much human rights have been trampled in the country.

Thompson Joseph Mloyi is facing trial for stating the obvious – that 92-year-old Mugabe is “too old to rule.” He is also accused of calling President Mugabe’s wife Grace a prostitute, according to media reports.

Although Mloyi has not entered any plea, he will appear in court again today (15 March) when his trial for “insulting the office of the president” is expected to commence at a magistrate court in the capital Harare.

Whatever the truth about the insult to the country’s first lady, Metro Éireann sees no rationale behind the case against Mloyi for making a statement that does not in any way defame the Zimbabwean leader. By all objective standards, Mugabe is an old man, far beyond retirement age and far older than leaders in the democratic world.

And in any case, Mloyi is not the only Zimbabwean to highlight Mugabe’s advanced age. In a recent interview with Deutsche Welle, former vice president Joice Mujuru, who recently launched a new party to challenge President Mugabe’s 35-year leadership, said he should not be permitted to look “after goats” or make “any serious family decisions” at his age.

Mujuru has not faced any court action for her comment, which included that Mugabe “is now a living spirit.” And we do not believe that anyone else should. Indeed, Metro Éireann agrees that President Mugabe must go, for the sake of his country’s future.

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