Part 32: The path least travelled (part 10)
2007-06-28 15:22:36 -

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Previously in our story: Our three friends have now been joined by Electra, with whom Prostremo has fallen deeply in love. For a while, Prostremo seemed to have come back into the present as opposed to always wishing for things in the future, but that was short-lived.

After a quarrel between himself and Preteritus, they spotted a magpie up in the trees that dropped something shiny from its beak. Thinking it was a piece of the treasure they were seeking, they quickly ran to where it landed on the ground, Prostremo getting there first….

Just as Prostremo leant over the object and was about to pick it up, Electra – who had caught up, slightly out of breath – gave a little gasp. “I don’t believe it,” she exclaimed, “it can’t be possible, how did it end up here?”

Picking up the thin band of gold and holding it between her finger and thumb, Electra read out the inscription on the inside of the ring: ‘Forever in my heart, E.’

Sinking to the ground, with her back against the trunk of the large oak tree, Electra continued: “I have never told anyone the story of my beloved Darius and Sophia before; I just never felt I could. Even though I felt I had dealt with the pain and loss and got on with my life, I still wanted to keep them in my heart.

“I know now, that not only are my angels still firmly alive in my heart, and as the ring says will be there forever, but now in physical death the continuum of their life is touching you as well. I feel so privileged to know that they are still with me and that I can share their wonderful memories with those that I value in person around me now.

“How quickly we almost forget what really matters in life. Like this ring, our lives can come full circle and yet are only complete in the moment of realisation. Every moment is as it is – it’s not only part of the journey, it is also part of the treasure of being alive, of breathing the clean, free, abundant air. It’s about sharing everything with friends past, present and future in the moment you are alive.”

Just then a light drumming on the tree canopy began, heralding rain, as the three friends looked at Electra with compassion and deep understanding.

Even if you find difficulty in explaining something, if you let go of the effort to think about how to put it into words, and instead just let your inner eye or mind speak freely with passion, then your meaning will become clear.

When we have passion and belief, whether it is about someone or something, our enthusiasm can carry others on the waves of understanding – just as with few words, Electra was able to completely convey her feelings to her companions.

“Look at the time, it’s going to be dark soon and now with the rain, we better find somewhere to hole up for the night,” said Prostremo.

With a mischievous grin in his eyes, Preteritus – in as innocent sounding a voice as he could muster – asked: “I suppose you would like me to move into Nunco’s tent tonight?”

Electra – a strong willed person, proud of her identity and as stubborn as a mule – quickly retorted: “Get your mind under control, my dear Preteritus. Besides, my mother told me never to talk to strangers”
“Who mentioned talking anyway?” quipped Preteritus in response.

“Oh come on guys, what goes on between consenting adults is none of our concern,” Nunco quickly added, before turning to Electra and attempting to change the subject: “Interesting concept, ‘not speaking to strangers’, I guess you did not take everything your mother said literally?”

“Well I did actually, certainly as a child,” said Electra, “since there was talk once of a young girl who went missing – no-one knew what happened to her for years, until it transpired that she had gone to live with her grandparents. Apparently her father was an alcoholic…

“Her mother was terrified for the young girl, and she sent her away to be safe. But the mother was more afraid of being left alone to bring up a young girl, so she stayed with the man who was beating her…

“One night, she finally faced up to her fears and realised that her daughter was more important than her fear. She had lived in denial all of those years, until finally she picked up the courage to tell the authorities about her husband, who waited for him one night and confronted him with what he was doing. They took him down to the local cells, where they kept him for the night.

“He broke down the next morning and pledged never to drink again, and has never touched a drop since. Like all bullies, he was just desperately insecure and did not really know how to cope with life, and took it out on his poor wife.

“The story really brought home to me the lesson about talking to strangers. It kept me safe, because at the time I was terrified that I would go missing, but it also taught me to face my own fears.”

“Quite the storyteller, aren’t you?” said Prostremo affectionately. “And there is always a lesson to learn from all of them! I guess one of the greatest lessons you have taught me is to live for the moment. I now realise that all steps you take will take you forward from here; there are no backward steps.

“I spend much of my time daydreaming and planning ahead, which I find leads to expectations that are very often not met, leading to disappointment. But with your outlook, no matter what happens, you accept it for what it is and try and make the best of the moment.”

Like his friends, infected with Electra’s enthusiasm and not wanting to be outdone, Preteritus joined in: “I suppose when a person smiles then the world smiles with you, and a little love travels like the ripples on a lake, which affects everyone who encounters that little bit of everyday magic in a beautiful chain reaction.”

Nunco added: “Right now, in this place, at this precise moment in time, I know that there is nothing more in the world that I could ever ask for. My two friends and our beautiful new travelling companion just demonstrate that all we can ever want is already inside us.

“Today, as we sit here in the trees, feeling the rain drops softly trickling down through the canopy of the forest, hearing the wind whistling through the branches and seeing such serenity, peace and happiness in all of you – I feel in every fibre of being that there can indeed be heaven on earth.

“If the treasure that we seek is greater than this, then I sit here in awe as to what it may be, yet right now, I have all that I could ever want. Okay, I do have dreams, and yes, I do want to do and see many things, but I know now and accept who I am, and that person is ready for what ever this wood, forest, journey or world can throw at me.”

The raindrops started to get heavier, a much louder drumbeat now. Everyone struggled to put up the tents on the floor of the clearing, which was compacted like rock. Suddenly they were startled by a dazzling flash of lightning and almost simultaneously they heard a loud clap of thunder.
Looking up in surprise and horror, Prostremo saw…

To be continued next week
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