Part 55: The path least travelled (Part 32)
2007-12-20 15:52:08 -

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Previously: Our friends have discovered that one of the secrets to happiness is knowing how to react to the different events that befall each of us every day. They realised that by resisting their initial reactions and stopping to think about whether or not they could change what the consequences would be, it actually has a massive effect on determining the correct path to choose…

Quickly and efficiently, hardly speaking, our five tired friends unpacked their bags and put up their tents in the half-light of the moon.

The crackling of the damp twigs underfoot and the gentle lapping of the water at the lake’s edge blended with the fragrances of the grasses and heathers and the ebbing  fire.

A strong unspoken bond encircled each member of the merry band as they completed their preparations to settle down for the night, and each played their thoughts through their heads in internal dialogue.

Nunco cast his mind back to the day they decided to embark upon this journey and soon found his thoughts drifting further back along the road of time, as it led him through the process that got him here today. Nudging through the cacophony of scenes past, he stopped at a point where he was staring at the stars – as a young boy of seven, just five days before his eight birthday, the day he received a mother-of-pearl penknife.

He could see himself as he made his way up to his favourite place, the place where so many wonderful thoughts and ideas had come to him. This was the place where he first started dreaming about what might have happened if St Patrick had met King Arthur and what they could have achieved together.  

One of the most amazing accomplishments by any human was the way St Patrick recognised how powerfully enshrined within the psyche of the ancient Irish that pagan lore really was.

He also believed that some of the core values of love and care for your fellow person could serve the Irish people greatly. By exploring the common ground between the two religions and combining the Pagan Circle with the Christian Cross, the Celtic Cross that the Irish love and revere today was thus created. 

The legendary King Arthur, on the other hand, recognised the strengths and contributions many different people could bring if they were united as equals. The symbolism of the Round Table meant there was no leader sitting at the head that others had to pay homage too. This way, the combined strength of the many far outweighed the prowess of the individual. 

Sitting there on his sliding rock, young Nunco could see a plan unfolding in his mind’s eye, that if he could lead an honest and fulfilling life, taking heed of other people’s needs and feelings, there could just be a way to bring something wonderful to the many people upon our Earth. 

A lonely path it was indeed, with many obstacles and often incorrect decisions steeped with learning, but it had led Nunco to the day where he met his friends in that old inn where they decided they would embark upon this journey to seek their treasure.

It was to be many years later that Nunco would return to that sliding rock, a great rock cleft in two that seemed to provide a wonderful playground for one of as slight a stature as he was as a child. The dream, however never left his side, though at times it remained dormant deep in his subconscious, to surface occasionally to remind him of his destiny.

To be continued in the New Year…
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