‘Relationships are not a game’
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Rose Foley speaks to Pastor Ajigbotoluwa A Lasis of the Adlife Academy, which helps couples build stronger, more meaningful relationships

For Pastor Ajigbot-oluwa A Lasis, his work is all about relationships and marriage success – and his busy but fulfilling weekends are a testament to that belief. 
Most recently, through his life and relationship coach company Adlife, Pastor Lasis offered three special marriage seminars in Lusk and Tallaght, aiding about 85 couples seeking help and guidance for their marriage fulfillment. 
“Relationships are not a game,” says Pastor Lasis, a native of Kuta-Iwo in Nigeria’s western state. “Relationship success requires skills and commitment. Just as you are a professional in your work, so should you be a professional in your relationships.” 
Pastor Lasis and his wife Elizabeth started the Adlife Relationship Coaching Acad-emy in Coolock, north Dublin in January 2009 to help single people and couples build and enhance meaningful and loving relationships. 
Adlife offers coaching for couples in the premarital and pre-commitment stage of their relationship, as well as relationship readiness and attraction coaching to help single people identify their vision of love based on their dreams and expectations. 
In addition, the company provides couples coaching to help a committed relationship get off to a good start or provide conflict resolution skills, and bliss coaching, which helps committed couples deepen their emotional intimacy, spiritual connection and trust. 
“Most people are influenced by the media’s version of what love looks like,” says Pastor Lasis. “Most fall in love with the superficial attributes and do not focus on important compatibility issues like shared values, similar life goals, relationship requirements and needs.” 
Pastor Lasis, who immigrated to Ireland in 1999, combines his professional training with the knowledge he has gained from personal experience in his work at Adlife. He and Elizabeth, the parents of seven children, started their Salvation Tabernacle ministry in Coolock 10 years ago. The church today has 65 regular attendants and many other members. 
He is a certified life and relationship coach, earning both certificates in 2008, and has also written many books, including his recently released 30 Days Relationship Success Miracles. 
He says he felt the effects of marital discord early in life. “My parents divorced when I was around two years old,” he recalls. “I did not recognise my mother when I first saw her at age 14. I went through a hard life. I want to help many marriages to experience happiness and help the affected children for a better life.” 
Pastor Lasis and his wife have been married since August 1985. And they love living in Ireland, which he describes as a peaceful nation. 
“Nigeria is a great nation,” he said. “I cannot deceive you. But it is a nation without good leadership; it is a nation without plans for its resources – the children and youths… Many Nigerians are weeping but the government does not understand. Many Nigerians appreciate Ireland and the Government but the immigration [authorities] do not understand.” 
One thing that he values is the care for children and respect for humankind in Ireland. “There is a future for children here; there is hope for the family here,” he explains. 
As for his business, there are some obstacles. He acknowledges there is a cultural barrier, and at the same time, many people do not recognise that they may be in need of relationship counselling. But he finds Adlife fulfilling. 
“Let me tell you something,” he says. “If you embarked on a career because you want to be rich, you will find disappointment and live an unfulfilled life. 
“But if you are doing a job because you want to make an impact in peoples’ lives, to influence change in your community, then whoa! You are doing a great job.”

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