Integration leader’s new book ‘brings part of DR Congo to us’
2015-07-01 14:03:38 -

By Tim Harkins


Jean-Pierre Eyanga Ekumeloko “has become a spokesperson for integration in Ireland” said Emer Costello at the launch of his new book Enfin éclos d’un vas close.


“You should never forget where you came from. Build bridges back; that is something Jean-Pierre has done,” added the former MEP and Dublin Lord Mayor at the event in the Jesuit Centre at Milltown Park, south Dublin.


Since coming to Ireland from DR Congo, Dr Ekumeloko has been an active voice of the immigrant community in Ireland, being a founder of immigrant network Integrating Ireland – which merged with the Refugee Information Service to become The Integration Centre in 2009.


The setting of his book is after his homeland, formerly known as Zaire, gained independence from Belgium.


And its story allows Dr Ekumeloko to “bring parts of the Congo to us” while also being “a marvellously told story that portrays cultural history of Congo along with being a general good read,” said Costello.


Currently the book is only available in French. Costello described it as “beautifully written” and that “even those learning French will find it engaging.” There is hope that it will be translated into English along with his other works. 


Dr Ekumeloko spoke earlier at the launch, saying: “Today is a celebration among family and friends. The celebration of an achievement; this book was something in my mind since 1994.”


He encouraged members of the audience, especially young people, to “write, think, write. Write because you can do it.”

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