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2015-09-15 12:43:57 -
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By Margot Garnier


How is German Chancellor Angela Merkel a woman changing the world? It’s all about her intelligence – and her influence.


After earning a doctorate as a physical chemist, Merkel made her first steps in German politics following the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, joining the emerging party Democratic Awakening but quickly moving on to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).


Within two years she had her first ministerial appointment, with the women and youth brief, and swiftly rose through the ranks of her party under mentor and former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, whom she openly criticised in the wake of a party funding scandal before being elected as CDU leader in 2000.


Five years later, Merkel won the people’s vote as German Chancellor, a post she has held ever since – becoming the first woman in Germany’s history to assume such responsibilities.


Described as one of the leaders of the European Union’s political scene, Chancellor Merkel also served as president of the European Council in 2007 and chaired the G8. With her right-wing policies, she also helped Germany weather the storm of the global financial crisis.


Today, Chancellor Merkel is at the forefront of managing Europe’s response to the current refugee crisis, and nudging European leaders to soften their opposition to accepting refugees.


“What isn’t acceptable in my view is that some people are saying this has nothing to do with them. This won’t work in the long run. There will be consequences,” she said recently.

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