Looking after Lidl hearts in Tallaght
2015-11-01 14:39:55 -

Maintaining “a healthy and happy workplace” is the aim of a new partnership between Lidl and Laya Healthcare that has seen a special medical bus park at stores in the discount supermarket chain across Ireland.


Recently the bus pulled up at the Lidl store in Tallaght, South Dublin, boasting a full medical staff with all the equipment they need to screen the shop’s staff for any underlying heart conditions that may lead to or cause what’s known as sudden adult death syndrome (Sads).


Appointments are booked in advance for these free screenings, which involve a questionnaire on personal and family history, a physical exam, a full electrocardiogram and a final report with a doctor.


“This extensive programme and €350,000 investment comes on the back of an initiative we undertook with Laya Healthcare last year,” Lidl’s Catherine Walsh told Metro Éireann. “The initiative resulted in a life-saving journey for one young member of the Lidl team who participated in a free electrocardiogram.


“The electrocardiogram uncovered a number of holes in his heart. He had to undergo open-heart surgery. Now he is back in the gym. What we are doing is a preventive healthcare.”


The double decker bus is serving 143 Lidl stores, warehouses and regional offices at 61 locations across the country over a three-month period to provide free screening for all 3,200 members of the Lidl team.

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