Lunar landing or loony conspiracy?
2019-08-01 13:13:03 -
Millions of people are still enchanted by what is now a disputed lunar landing by the USA in 1969. 
The distance to the moon on average is a whopping 240 thousand miles and the same amount back, without anything going wrong in just eight days. Could any human being travel such a distance and survive? 

Many photographs of the lunar landing are disputed for not having any stars in them; landing pads are ridiculed for lacking any dust at all; shadow angles in photographs showing different light sources make one stop and think. And video showing no witness marks on the surface of the moon when astronauts took off to return home continue to draw scepticism. 

Feature films such as Capricorn One show how easily the public could be fooled by the spell of TV and narrators who could make it seem very real. There are also a growing number of investigative documentaries that draw significant doubts into the public and expert minds. 

Recent films have looked into doubts about the source of radio signals and seriously questioned whether they had a terrestrial or non-terrestrial source, with data suggesting the former, such as missing or present elements which suggest a terrestrial origin. 

A lucrative publishing industry has grown up around Apollo 11. Buzz Aldrin is a celebrated author of several books, with one quite recently published. His fellow astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins have also written books. These books are feeding the fascination of reaching the moon, but do not dare to draw doubts about a news event and scientific achievement which is one of the most hotly disputed in the world. 

The claim is made, how could they cover it up with thousands involved? 

Thousands were indeed involved in launching the Apollo 11 rocket: engineers by the truck load, scientists, technical people, etcetera, but that does not mean anybody got to the moon. High altitude aircraft are more than capable of dropping the lunar landing pod into any ocean or sea of their choosing to portray that they got back from the moon from a great height with a few parachutes. These high-altitude planes cannot be seen or heard, they are so high up. 
JFK took the view “it was hard” to get to the moon, but in the end it was easy and flawless, in an era of valve-state technology and a political superiority space race between the USA and Russia. The stakes were high and so was the propaganda of the era. But a half-a-million-mile round trip in eight days, without a thing going wrong, in an inferior technological era of gold and silver tinfoil? Who are they kidding? 

Maurice Fitzgerald,
Shanbally, Co Cork
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