Deodorant sprays are a health hazard
2019-06-01 14:05:27 -

The spraying of aerosols in changing rooms or locker rooms should be completely banned. They represent significant health risks when inhaled, which manufacturers state on cans.


Aerosol cans carry many warnings on them which include restrictions on how they are to be used, and draw attention to users that they are “not to be used in a confined space and only used in well-ventilated areas”, which is exactly what locker rooms and changing rooms are not.


They also state that one must “avoid prolonged spraying and use only in short bursts”. Fat chance of that, with many patrons coming out smelling like a rose garden after their spraying session in the locker room.


One can feel light-headed and sick after being around someone who has discharged a large amount of spray from an aerosol can and could not care less who is around them which spraying.


A lingering taste in the mouth is common, which will be present for sometime after being around someone who has got carried away with a deodorant spray. Difficulty breathing can also be experienced, and possibly heart-rate elevation.


The solution seems to be roll-on deodorant which is complete safe and should be made mandatory for all club changing facilities. Harmless roll-on deodorants have been available for a long time and are ideal in closed or confined spaces.


The spraying of aerosols is one of the most unhealthy and unsafe issues you will find in health clubs, and counter any benefits such health and fitness clubs may have. All clubs should be strongly encouraged to have a no-aerosol-spraying policy and legislation should be brought in if necessary by the Government.


Maurice Fitzgerald,

Shanbally, Co Cork

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