Garda vows to take seriously policing concerns of city’s new communities
2019-06-01 10:51:31 -

By Chinedu Onyejelem


Communities living in Dublin inner city areas have been assured that their policing concerns would be properly looked into.


Speaking to Metro Éireann following a recent Ethnic Policing Forum organised at the Store Street Garda Station by Acts of Compassion Ministries, Superintendent Paul Costello in charge of the station added that its 305 gardaí were there to serve all communities.


“We are your police as well as anybody’s police. Anybody that lives in the district is offered protection and support regardless [of] who they are and where they come from or who they represent,” he said.


“You should feel free and confident to trust the police force of Ireland. If you have a crime that you want to report, we are happy to take it, we are happy to investigate it. ”


During the forum, the Garda highlighted efforts they said they were making in tackling crime in the city, and urged immigrant groups to ensure they report any crimes.


Representatives of various immigrant groups, while commending the garda in their efforts, added that more needs to be done.


Bishop Amos Ngugi, co-ordinator of Acts of Compassion Ministries’ Voice of New Communities Drugs & Alcohol Network, said the aim is to find a common ground to work together.


This is in order to make sure “that the new communities who work and live in the north inner city can be able to attend the monthly policing forum” and bring their concerns to the garda.


He added that anybody who wants to report any information in private and confidential can be facilitated by his organisation to do so.


Supt Costello, while promising to meet all immigrant groups in the area who want to share or report their policing concerns to him, reiterated the message presented at the forum.


“I am giving you my assurances today that we would investigate all your complaints, all your concerns, and follow them through.”

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