Limerick election candidates sign anti-racism protocol
2019-05-01 14:38:50 -

By Staff Reporter


Twenty-four local and European election candidates gathered at the Doras Luimní office in Limerick city centre on Wednesday 1 May to publicly denounce racism by signing the Anti-Racism Election Protocol 2019.


Doras chief executive Seán McSweeney said: “The elimination of racism from political discourse is something that Doras takes very seriously, and we would like to thank all of the candidates who made the effort today to show the public that they share these values.”


The Anti-Racism Election Protocol, established in 2001, asks parties and candidates to agree to using appropriate language and images in campaign materials, and to condemn materials that may incite hatred or express prejudice.


The protocol was recently re-launched by the European Network Against Racism Ireland (Enar Ireland), of which Doras Luimní is a member.


Enar Ireland director Shane O’Curry said: “The election protocol has played an important role in elections since 2001, ensuring that elections are conducted in an unbiased and non-discriminatory manner.


“In light of the global rise in racism and xenophobia, we hope that the protocol will help to keep this year’s elections free from racist discourse and hold Irish politicians to a higher standard.”


Doras continues to encourage both local and European election candidates to sign the protocol to renew their commitment to anti-racism prior to this year’s elections on 24 May.


McSweeney added: “Following the recent misinformed and discriminatory comments made by [MEP candidate in Midlands-North-West] Peter Casey against residents of direct provision, it is essential that parties, candidates and voters alike not only refrain from using this type of language, but openly condemn it.


“We urge all candidates for both local and European elections, including Mr Casey himself, to sign and adhere to this protocol during their campaigns.”

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