Steps towards righting Europe’s colonial wrongs
2019-04-01 17:33:32 -

In an unprecedented move to right the wrongs of colonialism in Africa, members of the European Parliament have overwhelmingly voted for a resolution urging those member states who were involved in the 19th and 20th centuries to recognise their crimes and make proper amends.


Among other things, the MEPs suggested the offer of public apologies and returning stolen artefacts to the African countries that own them — but fell short of calling for monetary reparations.


Nevertheless, the resolution is a welcome development as we mark the UN International Decade of the People of African Descent. Still, Europe can do more — in particular, it could break the hold of many European countries, such as Britain and France, on the economies of African countries.


Not long ago, Luigi Di Maio of Italy’s ruling party said some European countries were manipulating and depleting African countries’ resources. “If today we still have people leaving Africa, it is due to several European countries, first of all France, that didn’t finish colonising Africa,” said the deputy prime minister of a country which itself had colonial interests in north Africa.


While we welcome anyone speaking out over what many Africans have for long condemned, we believe that bringing an end to the manipulation and impoverishment of African countries is a worthwhile way of righting Europe’s colonial wrongs.

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