Michael and Camilla Oshagbemi recently got married in Dublin. Here they talk to Metro Éireann about their big day...
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You got married on 7 January. Did you do church or civil ceremony, and why?


We did civil ceremony with about 50 to 60 guests due to the close date we got from the registrar. Our pastor advised and prayed for us during the reception. We are still going to do a church wedding next year by God’s grace.


 Do you agree that churches can be difficult to deal with when it comes to wedding?


No, we don’t quite agree. Because the church is there to help everyone, especially intending couples. Our personal opinion would be that the church counselling process is really ideal for those who are about to start their lives together as a family.


 Was your big day more personal and more about you and your families and immediate friends?


Yes, it was more about family and friends. We had a dinner at Castleknock Hotel after the registry in town. The dinner was strictly by invites to family and friends alone.


 What does it mean to have a special day like that?


It was a glorious one that God made possible. It was quite emotional.


 What did guests who attended your wedding say about it?


They were all happy and excited and prayed for us. A lot of people were upset that we didn’t invite them and we had to explain that the main wedding will be next year.


Do you agree that couples are abandoning church marriages for civil ceremonies?


Honestly speaking, getting married in church is actually the best. There are so many things we learned during our counselling sessions that the civil ceremony won’t teach you.


We believe some couples are abandoning church marriage because they don’t have the patience or perseverance to go through the counselling and wedding process.


 Do you think couples should have church or civil ceremonies?


We advise couples to have church wedding for so many reasons, one of which is that God instituted marriage and he needs to direct both partners on the new journey ahead.


 What advice would you give to couples who are thinking of getting married?


Ensure that you have the right motives for getting married. In marriage a lot of patience is needed for both partners.

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