Committee probes system abusers facing loss of Irish naturalisation
2019-02-01 00:00:00 -

By Staff Reporter


The Government has fulfilled its promise to strip system abusers of their Irish naturalisation papers.

Although no revocation has been granted as of 29 January this year, the Department of Justice said “five certificates of naturalisation have been revoked” so far.


As reported in Metro Éireann on 1 February 2013 (right), it is believed the five people are part of an unspecified number of cases under consideration for revocation including “at least one person, already a naturalised Irish citizen, who was refused asylum in Canada and was subsequently deported by the Canadian authorities.”


Reports say 40 other naturalised citizens are currently facing investigation at a standing Committee of Inquiry, which was established last year to adjudicate such cases.


The three-man committee appointed by the minister includes retired judge Paddy McMahon as chair, former Fine Gael cabinet minister Olivia Mitchell and solicitor Philip O’Leary.


The committee heard its first two cases when it sat in Tipperary last December, according to The Irish Times.


In a statement, Justice told Metro Éireann that those subject to such proceedings “may apply to the minister for an inquiry as to the reasons for the revocation”.


The minister may revoke citizenship in situations that include but are not limited to “where the issue of the original certificate was procured by fraud, misrepresentation whether innocent or fraudulent, or concealment of material facts or circumstances; or that the person to whom it was granted has, by any overt act, shown himself to have failed in his duty of fidelity to the nation and loyalty to the State.”

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