Govt needs to take social needs seriously
2019-01-01 12:48:44 -


The number of people who sought asylum in Ireland in 2018 was the highest recorded in the last 10 years. The Department of Justice said the cumulative figure for all those who applied for international protection last year was 3,670.

Led by Albania and Georgia, with 462 and 447 asylum seekers respectively, other countries that topped the list of applications include Syria (320), Zimbabwe (282), Nigeria (249) and Pakistan (241). Others are South Africa (196), Brazil (107), DR Congo (106) and Afghanistan (92).

The rise comes at a time when Ireland is said to have close to full employment, and suggests that Ireland will likely receive more asylum seekers in 2019 and beyond. But with the current housing crisis, the situation would also likely see a significant rise in number of homeless to over 10,000. There will also be increased pressure on health and social services, as well as education.

The consequences of this, if it happens, would be negative to the cross-cultural existence of all people in the State — and would likely give rise to increased resentment and racism which is currently under-reported in the country.

Metro Éireann believes that the Government needs to take this very seriously, while noting that it has not yet done much to promote integration.

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