Welcoming our new food columnist Bal Krishna Shrestha
2018-12-01 13:53:01 -


By Staff Reporter


An award-winning Nepalese chef is to start an exclusive food column in Metro Éireann.

Bal Krishna Shrestha, who is presently senior sous chef in a top Dublin hotel, has experience in variety of international foods, including various Asian, Italian, American, Irish and French cuisine.

Shrestha’s journey as a chef started over 20 years ago in Nepal where he worked from 1997 to 2003 in four- and five-star international hotel chains. He also contributed recipes to a local newspaper in Nepal.

His dedication, hard work and professionalism also earned him a gold medal in the Australian Culinary Challenge in 2000.                    

Following his move to Ireland in 2003, Shrestha worked in a Nepalese restaurant for a year and since 2004 has found his home in the kitchens of various Radisson hotels in Ireland. He currently works as a senior sous chef in Radisson Blu Royal on Golden Lane.

Asked about his plans for the column, Shrestha told Metro Éireann that he wants to concentrate on “providing basic theory and practical tips for chefs about Asian and European foods” and will provide “unique recipes and the history behind them” in a special way that will make them easy for readers to use.

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