Limerick makes great strides in integration
2018-11-01 14:33:47 -


Cross-cultural understanding and co-operation has been an ongoing issue within different communities across this country. While very little is being done in some quarters, work — whether theoretical or practical — has been undertaking to ensure that differences are not only welcome and respected but also celebrated.

One area where efforts are being made to champion diversity is in Limerick, where the Limerick Integration Working Group recently launched its latest integration plan which received contributions from Irish and immigrants from various backgrounds, and also showcases the diversity which it advocates.

Belonging to Limerick: Limerick City and County Integration Plan 2018-2022 calls for the residents of Limerick to make diversity a reality.

President Michael D Higgins, who launched the plan, highlighted the importance of making integration work. “We do best when we make the effort to understand and accept the complexity of identity,” he said. “Moving on from simply tolerating differences, we can embrace and celebrate what makes the newest citizens of Limerick unique, understanding the importance of seeing culture as a process open to change in accordance with time, place and history, no one strand being asked to cede its identity to another.”

The plan’s promoters say it “encapsulates a vision, a strategy and a future for Limerick and beyond.” It doesn’t see immigrants as problems but advantages in championing the development and growth of Limerick in all aspects.

Metro Éireann commends Limerick for consistently working to make integration work — and we urge all other communities that have done very little this far to use this opportunity to do something positive for diversity.

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