O’Connell English summer school fosters friendships across diverse community
2018-08-01 10:28:13 -
By Lexi Stroud

O’Connell Secondary School in Dublin’s north inner city held an English language school for primary and secondary level pupils this summer to help improve their experience with the language.

The four-week programme immersed students in English language activities and lessons, and the small classroom size of about 16 enabled each participant to have their learning personalised to their particular abilities.

Each day began with pupils working on reading, writing and speaking English in a formal classroom setting, with lessons focused on practical skills like ordering food and shopping for groceries. They also developed their vocabulary via tasks that took them to different parts of the school building such as the library and art rooms.

Following the formal lessons were various hands-on activities carried out in English, such as preparing meals using only English directions, or playing sports and scoring points if they could spell a new word correctly. Art was another avenue to language learning, as participants created posters for display in English classrooms for the coming school year.

Every Friday, the pupils were taken on field trips around Dublin to practice English outside the classroom, in such locations as the National History Museum, Bray Head and Glasnevin Cemetery.

O’Connell School reports that the children were more confident in their English skills after the four weeks, and that they were able to connect with peers in their local communities, fostering friendships across a diverse group of races and religions.
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