World Cup inspires nations to come together
2018-07-15 14:59:25 -
Photo source: RTE

By Laurel B Lujan

The Fifa World Cup never fails at bringing the world together to watch soccer and appreciate good sportsmanship.

One of the benefits of the World Cup is unity through travel, as soccer fans around the globe make plans to support their national teams in person at the host stadiums. The same is reflected back home as people unite with their friends and families, or congregate together as a community, to follow their teams’s highs and lows — usually decked out in the national jersey, of course.

That feeling of national pride can be a positive one, too, where it promotes good-natured competition between countries on the pitch, and where different nationalities can come together over a friendly neighbour – or rival.

Another benefit of the World Cup is representation. Not every soccer team passes the qualification phase that occurs every four years, but when they do, it is an honour to represent one’s country. 

Whether winners or losers, the key to a successful World Cup for any team and their fans is good sportsmanship. While it’s no guarantee of happiness, it can inspire nations to come together under the banner of sport and have a great time together.
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