Opinion: Your attitude determines your altitude in life
2015-10-15 15:11:17 -

Jide Alowo


Life is all about give and take. Whatsoever a man soweth, he shall reap. This is not mere rhetoric, but rather a fact of life. And the events I experienced one recent night only lends further credence to that. I wouldn’t know whether to call it a trance, a dream or an experience. But I remember it very clearly.


Having worked all day, I got so tired I went to bed early that night. What happened next was quite unusual. Like some other nights, I would roll and toss from one side of bed to the other. My mind would stray far away into the night, picking on so many issues of much or less importance. On such nights I find it difficult to zero my mind and allow myself to drift away. But last night was different. It was like a flash. No sooner had I put my head on the pillow than I was lulled into unconsciousness, and into dreamland. 


I found myself sauntering along a deserted road on Oxford Street in London. A little further ahead I saw a tall man at the entrance of a grocery store. He wore a white robe long enough to almost touch his ankles. He had his head bowed, with his face hidden under the fall of his thick and dark dreadlocks. He stood still, like a pre-medieval statue. 


He allowed me to get close enough before he suddenly stretched forth his hand and beaconed to me. He gently raised his head and said in a low voice: “My son, this store is closed for the day. But  I will allow you to go in and pick one item of your choice. Check the price tag but don’t bother to leave payment for what it’s worth.” 


I did as instructed. I went round the big store looking for an item of interest. After a long search, I came out with a small beautiful bottle of alabaster oil. 


I met the man still standing at the entrance of the store. This time he turned to me and said: “My son, now you have made your choice out of all items in the store. It is a treasure of inestimable value. The worth of that treasure is only known to the wise. The fools will see it in your possession but would never appreciate its value. Instead, you will be mocked, jeered and prodded over that treasure.


“But let it be known to you that such negative remarks shall be the price of the item you would have paid at the point of purchase. What you are holding in your hand is more precious than gold. It is an attitudinal ointment that rubs on every aspect of human life.


“Attitude towards determination by man to succeed in life; Attitude towards commitment to a blossom and lasting relationship, Attitude towards dedication and hard work for self-reliance and self-sufficiency. All are the ingredients of the product in your hand. It is an ointment of attitude which will determine your altitude in life.” With that last statement, the mystery man melted into thin air. 


I share this with you because I believe it was indeed a wake-up call for anyone and everyone who desires a progress in life to examine their attitude.



Jide Alowo is a graduate of English language from southwest Nigeria now living in Dundalk.

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