Seminar marks ‘call to action’ against sex trafficking industry
2018-07-01 13:05:23 -
By Lexi Stroud

The vastness of the sex trafficking business between Africa and Europe was emphasised at a ‘call to action’ seminar hosted by Hephzibah Holistic Outreach Europe (HHOPE) in Dublin recently.
“The sex trade is such a dark problem to deal with that we all need to shine our lights together to make it bright,” said HHOPE team member Caroline Adebayo-Oke, who urged those in attendance to make use of knowledge shared at the seminar to help men and women trafficked into sex work.

HHOPE is a faith-based non-profit established in Ireland in 2008 as an outreach for women in prostitution, which refocused in 2014 to help victims of sex trafficking in Ireland. HHOPE concentrates on prevention of trafficking from source countries, as well as educating and rehabilitating those who have been trafficked. 

The seminar was held to facilitate new partnerships with communities and the Government in order to help more trafficked women in need of support, as well as continue to raise awareness about the dangers of trafficking.
Speakers included Poliane Aniculaesei of Ruhama, an NGO supporting women affected by prostitution and sex trafficking.

“Ruhama fights for human rights and equality. Our clients are male and female, victims of human trafficking and prostitution,” Aniculaesei said, adding that the charity’s services include a van that offers refreshment and support to women in Dublin’s red light districts.

“We know this type of trauma leaves scars for years, so we help anyone in any stage of the trade.”
Other speakers sharing their experiences of helping people out of sex trafficking were Brid McCoughlin of the International Organization of Migration (IOM), Mary Evuarherhe of Mary’s Alabaster Box, and Pastor Segun Osisanya of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s King’s Tower parish in Trim, Co Meath.
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