Gambians hail a new dawn for independence
2018-03-01 17:03:00 -
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The Gambian community in Ireland celebrated the 53rd anniversary of their nation’s independence with friends at Dublin’s Teachers Club recently.


In her welcoming speech, Betty Sinyan, a member of the Gambian Association Ireland, said the celebration is important occasion to remind people of Gambia’s past struggles in gaining self-rule but also to celebrate the Gambian-Irish relationship, as many Irish people have contributed to the country’s development to this day. 


“It is always fitting to celebrate the occasion at the Teacher’s Club to recognise the role Irish teachers played and are playing in the education of Gambia people,” Sinyan added. “Irish missionaries have built schools in the country and they are still supporting the educational system of the country.”


Acting chair Mbemba Jabbi added that this year’s celebration is significant as Gambia has come out of 22 years of dictatorship.


Now is time for Gambians to come together, he said, not only to celebrate but to think about moving the country forward.


Jabbi said he encourages the Gambian diaspora to take a central role in ways they can contribute to Gambia’s development using their skills and experience gained abroad.


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