Garda: 'Refs from doctors or priests not mandatory for migrant cabbies'
2017-12-15 16:30:00 -


By Chinedu Onyejelem


The Garda has said that no immigrant applicant for a taxi licence has been demanded to supply references specifically from a doctor or priest.


The statement follows a report in Metro Éireann on 1 December on concerns expressed by some immigrant taxi drivers over claims that their applications for new licences were being treated differently than those for native Irish drivers.


Some complained to this newspaper that they were being requested by the Garda to supply two references, from “medical doctors and priests”, to support their application.


But in response to a request for comment by Metro Éireann, the Garda says that while any person applying for an SPSV licence (for small commercial vehicles like taxis, vans and minibuses) must provide the details of two referees, “it has never been specifically required, at this office, that an applicant must have a doctor or priest act as a referee for them. 


“It may be a case where a doctor or priest were examples given to the applicant of persons of standing in the community,” the statement added.


However, the Garda stressed that every new application for an SPSV licence “must have two referees included in the application or it will not be processed.


“The regulations state that these two persons must be of standing in the community who know the applicant personally. It also states that if the two referees are not of sufficient standing, an opportunity to supply two other referees will be afforded to the applicant.”



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