Gospel friends top nationwide ‘talent hunt’
2017-12-15 16:10:00 -


By Michaela Althouse

Anita Idiris and friends took the stage by storm at a recent youth talent competition in Dublin. 


‘Talent Hunt’ hoped to discover young talent within the community of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church nationwide. 


Anita’s group, called God’s Will, won the competition with their creativity and two-part talent display, comprising an acapella song and hip-hop dance routine.


Out of 13 contestants, Anita from Portlaoise and her friends Eniola and Tunmise from Dublin took first place and a prize of €500. The 15-year-old is choosing to save her portion for now.


“We only had a week to learn a whole dance,” Anita said, “and it was a very hard hip-hop dance.”


Anita found out about the contest through her father, a Nigerian native and pastor at the MFM church. She has known her friends practically since birth, and they are all in the church choir. 


The girls decided to participate because they wanted something fun they could all do together, and since they all had music backgrounds, song and dance seemed the perfect fit.


The Portlaoise resident is no stranger to the world of performance. She grew up participating in drama and dance groups, and has received an audition with the Royal Academy of Dance. Even with her success, however, Anita hopes to study medicine in the future while continuing to perform on the side.


“I will keep the singing, but there are more things in life than singing,” she said.



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